Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Read through financial materials and you’ll probably run across that line more than once. The company is warning that that all the previous successes they just bragged about may not translate into anything good once you give them your money.

We should apply the same caution to education.

The success of a superintendent in a previous job does not guarantee they will have similar results when they are hired in a new district.

The processes, programs, and personality of a star principal may not transfer well when they move to a new school.

If a student excels in one classroom, it doesn’t mean they can maintain the same level of achievement (however you measure that) when working with a different teacher in a different environment.

Just something to think about when the advocate for a particular school reform concept glorifies the personality responsible for the past performance of an implimentation of that concept.

It doesn’t mean their idea is bad, only that one example is not proof of it’s validity in all circumstances.