I am definitely in the wrong end of this business!

The heads of some Washington area private schools receive annual compensation packages of more than $300,000, including the use of houses and cars and other perks — and the trend is for salaries to rise, according to school data and interviews with compensation experts.

The region’s best-paid private school heads typically make more than public school superintendents, who oversee scores of schools, but less than top college presidents. The pay increase is the result of many factors, including broader professional demands on private school leaders and the general trend toward higher pay for top executives in the private sector, private school officials say.

I suppose you could justify that kind of money for someone who can sell parents on paying $20000+ a year for tuition and then also talk them into kicking in some big donations.

However, as you might expect, the teachers who work at these schools are not sharing these big bucks. Most are paid the same as or less than their colleagues at public schools in the same neighborhoods.

So, does hiring an expensive principal really buy a better education? Just asking. :-)

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