Photo Post – A Taste of Spring

We had a brief burst of spring weather last week so I took advantage and spent a little time wandering around National Harbor, Maryland with my camera.

This is a very touristy area with lots hotels, recreation, restaurants, and shops, except that we have very few tourists in the area right now. Makes for rather empty but still interesting images, a few of which are below. The rest are in this gallery.

Wheel and Airplane

The Capital Wheel is one of those tall observation Ferris wheels that offers a panoramic of the Potomac River from the top. You also get to watch planes leaving and approaching National Airport along the river.

Swans and Dragons

On a nice day like this, when the area isn’t being ravaged by a pandemic, lots of visitors would be out in the harbor on these paddle boats and enjoying the sunshine. Hopefully again soon.

Carousel Horses

A carousel with no kids on it is also rather sad. Also, the figures by themselves are just a little creepy.

Pi and Circle

I couldn’t find any plaque indicating what this is supposed to be so I’ll just call it Pi. It makes a nice picture with the circle of the Capital Wheel in the distance.

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