Photo Post – Arizona 2024


Following up on the previous rant, no matter the length of our trips to Arizona, I never get much independent time for photography. Because it’s all about connecting with lots of family and friends, mostly in the Tucson and Phoenix areas.

But I still try.

On this page are a few of my favorites from last month’s trip, excluding ones of people you don’t know (or care about). The full gallery, such as it is, is here.

At the top, a section of one of the mountain ranges that encircle the city of Tucson, not long after sunrise. Those peaks get snow most winters and Mt. Lemmon, off to the right in this view, actually has a ski resort. Instead of studying for first semester finals, let’s go play in the snow.

Lake Reflection

Another early morning shot, this being one of those community lakes I mentioned last time. Created in a desert where these things rarely exist naturally. For this image, I was lucky that the usual winds hadn’t kicked in yet to mess up the reflection. Plus the heron standing like a statue was a bonus.


One of my regular stops when visiting the Tucson area is the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Part zoo, part botanic garden, part natural history museum, I highly recommend making time for this gem if you are anywhere in the area. Say hi to my friend the ocelot.

Damaged Cactus

Not the picture postcard image of a sahuaro cactus but still interesting. This sits on the grounds of an abandoned golf course which is now being reclaimed by nature (with the help of the local park service) and I suspect most of the damage here is from disease rather than birds.

Lonely Cloud

Finally, a shot from the plane somewhere over northern New Mexico. One lonely cloud casting a small dot of shade on the mountains below. The haze is likely due to a combination of dust kicked up by the winds and fires somewhere in the forests.

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