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Photo Post – Arizona Trip


Earlier this month, we took our first real vacation in more than two years, a ten-day trip to central and southern Arizona to visit family and friends. Although we had a few delays on the way out, we managed to miss the really big travel issues that have been all over the news.

The picture at the top is of a sunrise over the desert. In the southwestern US, it’s really hard to not get lots of beautiful landscape shots. So I worked to find interesting images that were not just mountains and desert.

Below are a few of those photos, mostly in the Tucson area (aka, the sane part of the state). If you’re interested in the full gallery, just click here.

Segway Tour

Mid-80’s and clear skies is great weather for a Segway tour through Old Town Scottsdale.

Mountain Reflection

The highly-polished mirror on this classic Jaguar (part of small car show I stumbled across) reflected the Catalina Mountains very nicely.

Mountain Goat

A mountain goat climbing the cliffs in a display at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. This amazing zoo-botanical garden-aquarium in the middle of the desert is must-see if you find yourself in Tucson.

U of A Mall

It’s been a long time since I was in attendance at the University of Arizona, but it’s always nice to visit and see the changes. Still a beautful campus.


  1. Jim Randolph

    Great collection of photos! Thanks for sharing.

    • tim

      Thanks, Jim.

  2. Doug Johnson

    Your photos bring back nice memories of Tuscon. I need to go back myself!

    Thanks for posting,


    • tim

      Thanks, Doug. With family changes out there, it’s likely we will be visiting Tucson more often in the future. I need to explore some new subjects to photograph.

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