After more than a year of isolation and almost all normal activities postponed into an unknown future, May started feeling like maybe it might be ok to spend a little time outside the pandemic bunker.

Although I’ve been out making images pretty regularly during the past fourteen months, it has been at least that long since I’ve done any photography on streets with people around. Wandering around a city just wasn’t safe, and there probably wasn’t much life on the streets to capture anyway.

But a couple of weeks ago I ventured into a DC neighborhood called Tenleytown for an actual photowalk with a small group of strangers. A chance to see how people are emerging from their pandemic seclusion.

Here are a few of my favorite images and the whole gallery is here.


In normal times, this area would be very busy on a spring Saturday but there were still lots of people on the street, most of them masked. Lots of scooters too.

Car Wash

Some group at the local high school was holding a car wash. Just a normal spring activity.

Park Yoga

Just some yoga in the park.

Fire Station

A man walking home from the local market, crossing in front of the 30’s-era firehouse.