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The Main House

As mentioned in a previous post, the fall has been rather quiet. But I’m still trying to go out and make some interesting images in the DC area.

In October, I joined a group to photograph the Arthur Godfrey Estate near Leesburg. Built in the 1920’s, the property was owned for many years by the legendary broadcaster and then later by a member of the Saudi royal family.

That’s the main house above and here are two more shots from the grounds, with the full gallery here.

Range Rover 2 Horse Stalls

A Range Rover that had seen better days. Godfrey and his wife were avid equestrians and built a barn large enough to house almost two dozen horses.

This year it’s been hard to miss all the hype about several different virtual Van Gogh exhibits. We ventured into DC to see one of them in September and it was quite impressive. I didn’t take many photos, and the pictures don’t do any of it justice, but they offer some idea of the experience. The rest are in this gallery.

A bust of Van Gogh with animated overlays. The main room was an immersive animated presentation of the artist’s life and work.

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  1. Jim

    Love the estate gallery. I finally got a dSLR last year and have been taking photo walks. I like the variety of shots you have. They say it’s good to have wide, medium and close shots for storytelling purposes and you do. I need to work on that more because I find the close detail shots the most fun to take and look at but they lack context. Thanks for sharing.


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