Photo Post – Favorites of 2023


It’s that time of year, when everyone publishes their best-of (and worst-of) lists. Rankings that cover just about anything that can be assigned a subjective value.

But this post is not one of those.

When it comes to my photography, I’m a lousy judge of what’s “best”. Some days, I’m pretty happy with my work. Other times there’s an inclination to delete everything and start over.

So instead of trying to assemble that list, here’s a sample from my annual collection of favorite shots taken in the past twelve months. Favorites as in the photos I find most interesting. The ones I think present a unique view of a subject. Images that evoke strong memories. Or just make me smile.

I hope you enjoy them as well.

Beginning with the shot at the top, taken in Union Station as a traveler stops to watch the robot vacuum working inside a store. I find devices like that fascinating as well, but in this case I’m curious about what the woman, who stood there for more than a minute, might have been thinking.

Capturing the Library

At Trinity College in Dublin, everyone who enters the Old Library is awed by the view. However, as a tourist with no special access, surrounded by crowds, it’s almost impossible to get a good photo of that space. So instead, I went for impressions of other photographers giving it a good try.

Rembrandt's Study

Another example of difficult-to-capture spaces are the relatively small rooms in Rembrandt’s house in Amsterdam. Looking through a high window into his study offers a different view of the scale, artwork, and architecture.

Kathy in the Kaleidoscope

Closer to home, the Museum of Illusions opened in downtown DC early in the year. I know it’s part of a franchised chain but the visit was still fun. And anyplace with lots of mirrors is very attractive to a photographer like me who loves reflections. That’s my friend Kathy at the other end of a giant kaleidoscope.

Fuel Gage

Finally, and also nearby, a close-up of the fuel gage in an antique car on display at a classic car show on the streets of Alexandria. No matter where you live, or where you go, there are always interesting things and people to photograph, if you are patient and look for the details.

Thanks for viewing this sampler. The whole gallery is here, with more favorites to come in the new year.

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