Photo Post – January


January is usually a slow month, a combination of a lazy hangover from the holiday season and generally cold weather. So, no major photo projects or trips to show off.

But I still got out to shoot a little and here are a few of my favorite images from the past few weeks.

For the first time in over two years, the DC area got some shovelable snow. Still not much but it was pretty while it lasted. Like the dusting of white stuff on red berries.


Mixing a relatively warm January day with the cold waters of the Potomac produces some eerie views along the river. This was taken through the window of a Metro train on the only route that crosses above the water.


Museums are a good way to spend a cold January afternoon, and we have plenty of them in DC. This is from a new exhibit featuring the work of photographer Dorothea Lange at the National Gallery of Art. Lange created some powerful images of the poverty and despair from the Great Depression, as well as from domestic life during World War II.

Puddle and Reflection

While there hasn’t been much snow, we have had some big rain storms. Which create big puddles. And puddles sometimes provide interesting reflections on the world. You just gotta get the right angle.

Driving Simulator 2

I am not a “car guy” but the annual auto show is usually a fun indoor afternoon, offering some good photo opportunities. This year, there were at least four racing simulators for visitors to try, but this was the only driver I saw trying to record his lap. Hopefully he doesn’t do that in his real car. More from the show is in this gallery.

Steel Drum Player

Finally, the Old Town Alexandria Saturday Market happens year round, rarely even canceled by weather. And the area is always full of wonderful photo ops, including this gentleman performing on an instrument not often found on the street.

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