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Photo Post – Pandemic Summer

A few times this summer I cautiously emerged from quarantine to do some longer photowalks. When the Smithsonian National Zoo reopened in August, we spent a morning wandering and taking pictures. Recently we spent some time with the birds, turtles, frogs, and other creatures at Huntley Meadows, a local marshland park with a name out of a dime-novel murder mystery.

Below are a few shots from both trips and more can be found at the other end of the links above. Hopefully more will be coming soon as we figure out what can be done outside of the house, while still avoiding the virus.

The Red River hog was loudly snorting around his pen in search of food.

It’s a rare treat to see orangutans out on the O-line. Even better to have the right lens, good vantage point, and a nice background for the shot.

Blue Heron Reflection

At Huntley Meadows, this blue heron was strolling around and was nice enough to pose for us.


The turtles were lined up to get a little first-day-of-fall morning sun.

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    Great photos!

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