The Train

Last month we were supposed to be in Ireland. This month we had planned to be in Arizona for our annual excursion to visit friends and family.

Unfortunately, both trips had to be canceled (for very mundane and non health-related reasons) and have been rebooked into the first half of 2023.

So, instead of long distance travel, I have been out playing local visitor in our unusually warm (or maybe this is going to be the new normal?) fall.

A few weeks ago, I joined a Smithsonian group to make the relatively short trip from the DC area into the hills of West Virginia. Besides enjoying the fall foliage, we were there to ride the Potomac Eagle, a restored mid-20th century train that makes a three-hour trip through the Trough, along the south branch of the Potomac River.

Here are a few photos from my somewhat touristy, but still fun day, with more in this gallery.

At the top is a shot of several cars as the train comes around a bend.

Corn Field

A farm as seen in the early part of the trip into the mountains. The day started out very promising in terms of having good light and skies for getting some good images.

The Trough

This is the stretch called The Trough, a narrow valley between the mountains with just enough room for the river and the tracks along side. We saw five or six eagles along the way but none of them came close enough for me to get a good picture.

Our Train Car

Our car was not one of those glamorous trains you see in old movies. Very much a practical vehicle for commuters traveling with the coal and lumber that was hauled out of the hills.

Engine and Train

A shot of the engine pulling us through the fields on the way out of The Trough.