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Photo Post – Seeing Deeper

The Washington National Cathedral is an imposing structure that sits at one of the highest points in DC and has been under construction for more than a century. One evening last week dropped into the cathedral for their annual event called Seeing Deeper during which the interior was painted with a colorful light show.

Below are a few of the photos I made. More are in my Flickr feed and Kathy’s shots are in this gallery. If you’re interested, a few more of my images of the Cathedral, taken at another time and without the lights, are in this gallery.

Space, Light and Sound (1)

Space, Light and Sound (11)

Space, Light and Sound (16)

Space, Light and Sound (8)

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  1. Doug Johnson

    I fondly remember the scavenger hut the cathedral has for kids (and their grandparents). Locating the Darth Vader gargoyle was cool. Very interesting place.

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