Photo Post – Visions of Spring

Wood Interior

Making photos when traveling to new places is wonderful, but not something I can do all the time. Despite evidence from the past three months.

But almost anywhere you live, there is always something new to see.

So, taking advantage of the great spring weather (although drier than it should be), here are a few of sights I’ve found this month.

Starting with the picture at the top which is from Speed & Style, a classic and exotic (re: ridiculously expensive) car show held on a Sunday morning in the streets of Old Town Alexandria. I’m not a “car guy” but I do like the details, like this interior with lots of wood and a pair of driving glasses. More photos from the show are in this gallery.

Each spring the Smithsonian’s Woman’s Committee (is that anachronistic?) holds a crafts show in the magnificent atrium of the National Building Museum. My wife goes to shop; I go to make pictures. A full gallery of what I saw at the fair is here.

End of the Line

Last November, DC Metro opened the Silver Line extension which finally (FINALLY!) takes the train to Dulles Airport and beyond. This is the end of the line in Ashburn, one of the fastest growing areas in the region, if not the country. The architecture isn’t bad.

Train Arriving

This is a Metro train arriving at the airport station. More photos from that morning of exploring the Silver Line is here.

And then there’s the zoo. It is always a wonderful place to go anytime of the year. This is one of the two Andean bear cubs that were recently allowed out into their exhibit. Fun to watch them exploring the corners.

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    Thanks for posting these. Even when I don’t comment, know that I am reading your posts and gaining from them! Happy Memorial Day.


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