The weather team at The Washington Post calls the DC area a “snow hole”. In many years the big winter storms go north or south, leaving us with little to nothing other than cold and damp.

This season, for the first time in three years, we got a measurable snow. The few other times we got winter precipitation it came in short bursts of the dreaded wintery mix – ice, sleet, and/or freezing rain, with a little bit of snow mixed in.

Here are a few images from our sorta winter. More are, or will be, in my Flickr feed. Bring on Spring!

Icicles 2

Icicles on the handle of my largely unused snow shovel from just yesterday. They had melted by lunch time.

Snow Gopher?

Following the one real snowfall of the season (around 4” in our area), someone built what looks like a snow gopher in their front yard. High points for creativity and effort.


The fact that geese hang around here in January is one indication that we don’t get a lot of winter. Why bother flying any farther south?


Someone still manages to have pretty flowers in an outdoor pot in February. A DC-area winter during global climate change.