Picturing 2015

In web years, Flickr is relatively old service (opening in 2004), and has been far eclipsed by Facebook and Instagram in the number of pictures posted by users.1 However, I think it is still a great sharing community, especially for serious amateur photographers (like me) to showcase their work.

Each December, the editors at Flickr post a year in review highlighting the “photos, people and stories that captured our hearts, eyes and minds”, including their top 25 images as determined by the community. That post alone is a great collection and worth at least few minutes to gather some inspiration for next year.

Wedding Album

I don’t know if this is my “best” photo of the year, but it is one of my favorites.

Along with the pictures, Flickr also posts a bunch of interesting data about the cameras used by photographers to make those images. It probably won’t surprise anyone that various iPhones are the cameras of choice, growing steadily over the past five years. Seven different Apple devices are in the top 10 places (with the iPad coming in at 15 – unfortunately :-).

On the flip side of the rapid increase in smartphone pictures posted to Flickr, the charts show a steady drop in the popularity of dedicated point-and-shoot devices (down by 20% in five years), with a much smaller decline in the use of DSLRs.

Of course, this is just Flickr. It would be nice if Facebook and Instagram would release some similar stats on the devices used to post to their services. I’m willing to bet smartphones, especially iPhone models, are even more popular over there.

Because, in the end, it really is true that the best camera is the one you have with you. I just hope that in 2016 people will cut back on the selfies and do more exploring of their creative side.

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