Picturing School In A Pandemic

Earlier this week, the Post’s Class Struggle blog featured some remarkable pictures of kids in schools around the world.

The column doesn’t offer much context other than the location, but some images like these of kindergartners, the first in Bankok, Thailand, the second in Indonesia, are enough to make you cry.

Then there’s this picture from a high school in Myanmar.

Take away the masks and face shields, and to my eye, it doesn’t look at all that different from what many accept as a typical teacher-directed classroom. Maybe with the desks a little closer together.

Finally, for some contrast, there’s this photo from an elementary school in Berlin, Germany.

The kids appear to be wearing masks but other than that, pretty normal. That’s what society looks like in a country with competent leadership, a robust public health system, and a population willing to accept relatively small sacrifices in order to control a pandemic.

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