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Pizza Of Mass Destruction

Your Department of Homeland Security at work.

The government has been looking at the possibility of terrorists targeting food destined for school cafeterias, a federal food safety official said Monday.

So many jokes, so little time.


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  1. What do you think the fallout will be from this one?

    It is a reasonable to think that terrorists may attack schools as it is to think that they might attack anywhere, I guess.

    What new rule will be introduced to thwart it?

    The PATRIOT STUDENT Act? Federal government takeover of local food services (ending up in no-bid contracts, of course.)

    This is the sort of story that is used to scare us into doing something. I cannot wait to see what that something is.

  2. Going off-topic, I had the pizza at my child’s school. Worst. Pizza. Ever. No wonder the kids were throwing their pizzas at each other.

  3. Tim

    When I was writing the post I was thinking of the pizza and french fries combination sold in our elementary and middle schools. There’s not much a terrorist could do to make that meal any more unhealthy.

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