Playing in the Minors – And Loving It

Jeff over at The Thinking Stick has a very nice post reflecting on his personal goals and his place in the hierarchy of the blogosphere.

He starts with a list of ten suggestions for “professional bloggers” from another site. I agree that most are good suggestions for anyone doing this.

But Jeff is especially on target when it comes to the place he – and most of us – hold in the world of professionals doing this stuff.

So if a Professional Blogger is in the Majors, I’d probably consider myself in Double A. I blog because I love it, because I find power in it and because it’s me. But I also know my chances of making it to the pros is slim to none. I don’t make enough money (none in fact) off of blogging to have it be a full time job. But I still show up everyday because I love to play the game and am passionate about what I do.

Me too. This stuff is fun and I’ll keep blogging even if I never make a dime from it (which I certainly don’t).

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