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Playing With Mother Nature

The Washington Post classifies this under science. It sounds more like a Sci-Fi Channel movie of the week.

Moshe Alamaro has a modest proposal. Get a fleet of ocean barges and mount 10 or 20 jet engines — tails up — on each one. Fill the barges with aviation fuel and tow them into the path of an oncoming hurricane. Light off the jets.

If everything goes as planned, the jets will trigger small tropical storms, "like backfires," Alamaro says, marginally lowering the surface ocean temperature and depriving the real hurricane of energy as it gets closer to shore.

Why does this sound like the kind of science only a president could love?

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  1. Shaula Evans

    Ack! It sounds more like an article from The Onion to me.

    All that is missing is the prez in hip waders declaring mission accomplished over Neptune.

    Wait…I guess Caligula beat him to it.

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