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Playing With Technology

While driving home from the Innovate 2007 conference this afternoon I was thinking about all the little bits and pieces I’d picked up by playing with the technology in the pavilions.
Like the virtual worlds human hamster ball at the right.

But it was that word “play” that kept repeating in my warped little mind.

In the early years of our life we learn much about the world by playing with the various elements around us.

Unfortunately, as we get older we seem to lose that child-like process of learning. I suspect because, at some point, play no longer fits into our concept of “school”.

However, as adults some of us are lucky enough to have a job where we are permitted, even encouraged, to learn by playing.

Just one more reason why I love working with educational technology.

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  1. Tom

    Blast! I should have know you’d be there. I was there as well and I’d have liked to have gotten the chance to meet you in person.

    I was happy overall but felt the speakers were really struggling. The cisco guy had some personality but I found it ironic that the other “design” focused speakers had such poorly designed presentations (slides and speech). The really sad thing to me was that their points were good but the presentation really hurt them.

    My two cents anyway,


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