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Please Stop Saying That, Too

As 2009 was mercifully ending, I nominated a short list of phrases for deletion from public discourse.

Now, upholding a more than 30 year tradition, the word “czars” (the public relations department) at Lake Superior University have released their annual List of Banished Words.

These are 15 words and phases selected from thousands of nomination because of their misuse, over use and/or general uselessness.

I can’t quibble with any of them, although I’m not ready to give up “teachable moment”. It may have become over used but I don’t think it’s reached a point where the meaning is lost.

As for “sexting”, that term still has some meaning. Basically as an all-purpose trigger for panic in clueless adults.

And then there’s “chillaxing”. I must be traveling in the wrong social circles, but I’ve never used the word and don’t know anyone who does.

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  1. John Nash

    As it happens, “chillax” is used quite heavily in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I hail from.

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