Prepare to be Squeezed

Although I'm one of the 900 million or so people in the world with a Facebook account, I'm not a very active member. I can't remember ever posting anything and am very lax about following the messages of my friends. I also don't care about their financials (unless my retirement fund has done something really stupid like buying their newly issued stock).

However, there was something in a recent story about their earnings report that caught my eye.

Simply put, Facebook has saturated most of the world’s major markets. Now it needs to be able to show it can squeeze more revenue and higher earnings out of each user…

That simple statement says everything I need to know about my status and that of all those other Facebook members: we are not their customers.

Advertisers are their customers; and the time and attention of all those millions of users is the product being packaged and sold to those customers.

Prepare to be squeezed.

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