Preparing to Hit The Road

With the departure to NECC coming up fast, I’m trying to get organized for the trip. Or at least as organized I ever get.

I want to pack as light as possible but still not forget the essentials (like the charger for my camera battery), but I’m not an experienced road warrior, certainly not like David and Will, so the process of figuring out all the pieces takes time.

ConflictIn looking over my schedule for the conference it seems I’m totally overbooked every day. In my planner at the NECC site, almost all the items have that little yellow caution sign indicating a time conflict.

Even for the EduBloggerCon on Saturday, which is not a formal part of the conference, I seem to have added my name to more session lists than I can logically fit into the day.

But it’s always better to have lots of interesting sessions to choose from rather than having to settle.

One of the great things about a wired conference like this is that there will be no shortage of resources to catch up on whatever you miss. The major talks will be streamed and just about everything else (including hallway conversations) will be blogged and/or podcasted.

I’m not so sure about the tags they’ve assigned to each activity, however.

Something like n07s896 doesn’t exactly stick in memory very well and they won’t be printed in the program (not that I manage to hang on to a printed program). Maybe Steve’s list of sessions and tags will help.

Anyway, looking forward to some good sessions, great conversations, a few parties (SMART at the Aquarium!), and the never ending search for the coolest t-shirt.

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