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Presidential Communications 2.0

The BBC explains how Obama will use the web while in the White House.

“I think a year from now we’ll see streaming of the news conferences… there’ll be that deeper communication and broadcasts directly to people as opposed to through the traditional media… On the technological side, I think there’ll be more applications on mobile devices, more and more video. That will naturally develop as the industry does.”

Barack Obama has already said he wants members of his cabinet to host regular webchats. Some campaigners have suggested that the new president himself should answer questions from the public at the end of his YouTube addresses and White House briefings.

All good ideas. Especially anything that makes communications with the public a two-way process.

However, they’re likely to get a lot of push back from those folks in the “traditional media” who won’t like being ignored.


  1. AJ McCreary

    Its very cool that our President Elect is very interested not only in modern communication but staying connected to the people. This is a very exciting and new chapter for America on so many levels!

  2. IQuincy

    It’s indeed very exciting. What about using the web to get suggestions and post polls on national interest issues.

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