While looking for something entirely different (ain’t the web great?), I stumbled across the blog of a presenter at something called the Accelerating Change 2005 conference. The meeting’s subheader was "Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Amplification". Heavy stuff to be sure.

What caught my attention enough to stop and read, however, was this particular writer’s use of the term collaborative intelligence. He uses that phrase to mean the collection of social applications now mushrooming all over the web, including but not limited to blogging, tagging and social networks.

He goes on to talk about how all these pieces are improving the way we obtain information, all of which is "the result of aggregating the online gestures of millions of broadband humans in very simple ways".

Collaborative intelligence. A quick Google showed this isn’t a new concept. But for me this is the perfect term for what education should be.

collaborative intelligence, blogging, social networks