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Putting Students in Charge

Do yourself a favor and spend 15 minutes of your time to watch this video.* It’s a great example of what high school should look like for most students in this country.

Ok, you might think this type of independent, student-driven learning might not be appropriate for every kid, especially those who have been force fed six, seven, eight years of test prep indoctrination and don’t know anything different. I certainly know lots of high school teachers who will tell you that their students couldn’t possibly handle this approach to school.

However, the principal at this school clearly explains why students need to be deeply involved in the design of their own educational experience.

My personal and professional investment in these opportunities is to create a school in a way of educating young people that allows them to be completely invested. And to stop trying to move every kind of human being through the same gate.

I think the more options we have in our schools, the more students we will help develop into the kinds of citizens we need. And that it’s ok for you to need a little bit of a different approach from mine.

We need to offer more options, with more of them designed by and with the students themselves. The fact that this program was developed by one of those students only lends the approach more credibility.

And is probably the reason why it’s likely to remain an idiosyncratic niche in the American educational system.

*Despite the pleadings of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson to watch their trailer, hit the skip button.

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  1. Charmona Whitfield

    Very insightful video. You are right, more schools should be designed like this so students are invested.

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