Writing a blog can be somewhat surreal. You throw the stuff out there with little or no idea who’s reading and what their reaction is. And then something comes along to really jack up the surreality.

A note in the morning mail from Jay at folkbum let me know that this rant fest – along with Jay’s, Joe’s Shut Up and Teach and several other teacher-bloggers – is mentioned in an article on blogging in the classroom in NEA Today, the monthly from the National Education Association.

Many teacher Web logs are more overt about their advocacy – they serve to point a wagging finger at the No Child Left Behind law, shout about vouchers, and encourage debate on all sorts of issues. (Check out http://folkbum.blogspot.com/, www.shutupandteach.org, and www.assortedstuff.com/.)

2.8 million readers? Really?

And to add to all the strangeness, one of these posts was also quoted in this month’s Technology and Learning magazine.

Scary. I guess I’d better check the spelling a little closer if people are actually reading this stuff. And thank you for actually reading this stuff. :-)

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