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Re: Your Brains

The Consumerist blog thinks they’ve found the worst food product ever.

With one serving providing 1170% of your daily allowance for cholesterol (there’s no missing decimal in that number), it’s certainly a contender.

Not to mention the name and contents of the can.

However, it’s still very hard to beat this entry in the competition to create the lowest example of modern food technology.


  1. Doug Johnson

    Stewart’s been dipping his pancakes on a stick in “Baconnaise” lately. A tasty combo.

    I believe you can credit the Minnesota State Fair for the spread of food products on a stick.

    Off to put a little Spam on the griddle,


  2. Tim

    I saw the segment with the Baconnaise dipping sauce and I think even Stewart was surprised with how disgusting it was. The combination makes SPAM (Hormel insists you spell it with all caps :-) look like health food.

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