A stormy summer afternoon makes for a good time to read through my notes from last week’s ITRT Summer Camp and reflect a little on my conversations with the other participants.

One primary purpose for the two-day conference was to give the trainers a snapshot of some Web 2.0 technologies and to discuss how they might be used for teaching and learning.

It was interesting how many of the pieces that I take for granted were unfamiliar to the vast majority of the participants.

I’m used to not getting a lot of raised hands when I ask about writing a blog or using a wiki, but I would have expected more in this group would have been readers of these media.

It was also surprising that most of the attendees didn’t know about such fundamental pieces as RSS or Skype.

Maybe I need to get out of my bubble more often.

We also spent a chunk of time talking about internet safety and how to implement the Virginia law requiring teachers to integrate the topic into their lessons.

I suppose it’s comforting that so many other people are still struggling with how to make this work.

Not to mention figuring out how to mix the exploding number of Web 2.0 tools that could be used in the classroom with the demand for complete and inviolable security.

That’s going to take a whole lot more thinking.

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