Reform In The Wrong Direction

It may look like a real newspaper article, written by a real reporter. But this profile of W’s Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings, reads more like it was written by a paid public relations specialist. Like that’s never happened in this administration.

The writer gushes over her sensitivity and flexible approach to implementing No Child Left Behind. But when you read the whole thing it becomes clear that the only thing that’s changing in Spelling’s image of American education is the number of tests she wants kids to take in their school careers.

She is, however, willing to compromise a little on how fast it happens.

Spellings and other supporters talk a lot about NCLB improving education. And in this article the Secretary talks a lot about curriculum reform.

The problem is that the all-testing-all-the-time approach taken by this train wreck of a law is reforming the curriculum down to the lowest common denominator.

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