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Reporting Live From Second Life

Is this an important step to helping an old media conglomerate understand how people are using the internet?

Or just a trivial exercise to make that old media conglomerate look like they get it?

So, what exactly is news in a virtual world?

CNN aims to find out by opening an I-Report hub in Second Life, a three-dimensional virtual world created entirely by its residents.

There, CNN will look to those most familiar with the virtual world — the Second Life residents themselves — to determine what constitutes news “in-world.”

Although I’m also struggling to figure out the attraction of Second Life, I still vote for the later.

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  1. Katie

    I think that the virtual world game Second Life is a little scary because people are able to live in this fantasy world, but can people make a right assumption about fantasy and reality. People can become addicted to playing in this virtual world. I just do not think it is a healthy decision to play the game.

  2. Mark

    I don’t get the whole Second Life thing. What I do find fascinating about it, however, is that just like in this life, there are people who hack their way in to “steal” things from the 2nd lifers. Also, the concept of paying real money for some of the accoutrements of this virtual world is somewhat mind-boggling.

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