Reset Switch

Whether you call it Christmas vacation, winter break, or some other politically correct variation, the pause in the school year that started last Friday always feels like a reset switch to me.

For what seems like months, everything is rush, rush, rush – with the world around you saying that you’re probably not rushing fast enough.

Then schools close for an extended break and, while normal life continues, it seems as if things shift into slow motion.

At least it does for me. We don’t do a lot of holiday celebrating so your experience may vary.

Anyway, for those of us in education, one of benefits of the profession is this unique opportunity to slow down and think about something more than the day to day of teaching kids. [or teaching teachers in my case]

Actually, many educators in the first few years of their career use the break to reflect back on their experiences and then decide not to continue in the profession.

However, I’m way past that point. So, after a few days of general hibernation and doing next to nothing important, I’m ready to move slowly back on to the expressway.

If you are able to take an extended winter break, enjoy this almost-mid-year opportunity for decompression and reflection.

And Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever greeting goes with what you celebrate.

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