Scott has declared this to be Change Week over at Dangerously Irrelevant. He plans to post a variety of ideas and reflections on that topic and how it affects education.

Change and education? Not exactly two words that go together well.

He has a little poll question that actually reinforces that dichotomy.

Which is the biggest barrier to making change in your school organization?

Change is done to, rather than by, those affected
Change disrupts familiar, comfortable routines
Change increases people’s workload
Change implies that former ways were wrong
Change is perceived as just the latest fad

How about all of the above? And more.

The problem with change as it applies to education is that the world is changing far faster than most members of school communities are willing to accept.

And that been especially true in the last decade or so as new tools for communications have literally flooded through society.

It sometimes seems that as more teaching and learning options become available, the more the right side of that bell curve wants to dig in it’s heels and return to the good old days (where’s my mimeo machine?).

But then maybe it’s me. I’m probably too impatient, not willing to let the changes happen gradually.

Or it could be that the changes are happening and I just don’t see them. I need to be a better observer.

Possibly it’s me that needs changing.

change, education, school reform