Long distance travel is not a lot of fun any more and conferences under normal circumstances can be a big blur. Getting sick on a trip like that only adds to the experience, but not in a good way. I will spare you the details except to say that I got hit with the kind of illness that usually results from drinking the water in countries where they warn you not to do such things. Enough said.

Fortunately, that part didn’t come until the last night I was in Vancouver – if "fortunate" is the right word since airline travel is bad enough when healthy. Making your way through customs, coping with security, changing planes, getting bumped, and all the other wonderful stuff associated with modern airline travel is not something you want to do when looking and feeling like a zombie.

After all that, I didn’t think the conference was very good – or at least I didn’t get much out of it. Far too corporate for my tastes. The session my partner and I presented went pretty well, although it took a while for the crowd to warm up to our rather non-corporate approach. As always I spent the evening making a mental list of all the ways I screwed up and could have made it better. A little hypercritical? Maybe.

So now, after five days away and four days in a haze (with some overlap), it’s time to catch up on work and the real world. The last week seems more like a couple of months. Was that whole thing about W being re-elected just a fever-induced dream? No… ? Well at least he must have fired Rumsfeld by this time. Wrong there too, eh? I guess I’d better check my email, the RSS feeds and the Daily Show episodes on the TiVo to see what else I’ve missed.