I don’t write much in this space about what our overly large school district actually pays me to do (hint: it’s not providing unsolicited advice on how to run the place :-). But, despite the title, this post isn’t really about my having a "new" job as much as it is about coming back from the long weekend to the same one that’s very much changed.

First a little background… The office in which I work provides support and training for a large, talented bunch of people who do technology integration training for the teachers in our schools. However, for the past five years, the district has only paid for a half-time position in each elementary school.

In that time some principals were able to do some fancy juggling of their budgets to pay for the other half so that one trainer was there full-time. The rest of them, however, were split between two schools. Not a great situation, but one we managed to make work.

But now comes the big change.

In the budget approved last week, the school board included enough money to pay for one full-time trainer for each elementary school. Which is great – something we’ve lobbied for years to get.

However, now we have to interview, hire and prepare an additional thirty to forty new people by the fall (I told you this place is huge!). And, as you might expect, the board didn’t include any new resources for our office, so it’s still just the three of us (hi Karen and Jim).

The point of this rant is not to solicit sympathy. Indeed, I love a challenge and that’s what my job has always been – only now it’s even more so. I guess you can consider this post as a premature "how I spent my summer" essay.

Thanks for your indulgence and we now return to our "normal" rantings. Although, I’d be hard pressed to tell you what’s "normal" these days. :-)