Winkler Lake

Have I mentioned how much I hate Daylight Saving Time?1

I’m taking a break from Twitter, so this will be a tweet-sized rant on the topic. Feel free to ignore it.

Since humans invented “time”, humans can do stupid things with that concept.

But don’t call it “saving”. Nothing is being “saved”. Especially light.

You’re just abruptly shifting time by an hour twice a year.

So be honest. Call this stupid idea what it is: “Needlessly fiddling with the clock”.

Sorry if I exceeded the 280 character limit. That’s what a blog is for.

The photo has nothing to do with the topic. It shows the lake at Winkler Botanical Preserve, a small, privately-owned park hidden in the Mark Center area of Alexandria.

1. Rhetorical question. At least 13 times in nearly twenty years of ranting here.