Scientific Doublespeak

“Stand Up For Kansas Science Education”

Sounds like a pretty good campaign. One that might be led by scientists and educators in a state where “intelligent” design advocates have a lot of support for their special brand of snake oil.

The only problem is that the Discovery Institute, the primary pusher of this 21st century variation on creationism, is behind the fraudulently named effort.

Discovery may seem an odd defender of science and science education. It’s been at the forefront of a political and cultural movement embraced by right-wing Christians to attack evolution, push intelligent design into the public school science curriculum, and to redefine science itself — in order, as they write in their “Wedge Strategy” — to replace it with a science “consonant with Christian and theistic convictions.”

“Defending” science education by injecting liberal amounts of scientifically-lacking mythology?

Sounds like one of the sleazier scams that plop into my junk mail box every day.

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