Seeing New York


I spent most of last week running around New York City.

Considering that I live only a three-hour train ride from the city, and used to visit at least once a year when I was still working, that statement shouldn’t be especially remarkable.

Except that it has been nearly ten years since last making the trip.

And I’m not sure I can really claim to have visited “New York” since, in all those visits, I’ve never been off the island of Manhattan. Unless you count layovers at JFK, which you really shouldn’t.

So, I decided to jump back into the city with both feet, and really see more of the place, by joining a tour titled “Five Days, Five Boroughs”, led by several native New Yorkers who love their city and have a great understanding of the culture and history.

With a Metro pass in hand and guides who knew how to use it (right down to where to stand on the platform), we journeyed far from Broadway and wandered through neighborhoods that are not commonly associated with this city by the rest of the world.

However, after less than a week, I will not claim to be an expert on New York. But I certainly have gained a much better understanding of the diversity and complexity that goes with living in a major city. Just navigating the transportation system was a revelation.

Anyway, I’ll have a set of pictures from the week in the next post, along with a few more thoughts about a very hectic visit to New York.

I’m ready to return, but in far less time than another decade.

For many visitors to the city, a must-see stop is the Statue of Liberty. Except that we viewed the monument the same way tens of thousands of New Yorkers do, riding the Staten Island Ferry on their way to or from work.

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