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Seems To Be a Disconnect Here

Several friends are currently taking an online class offered by our overly-large school district called “Introduction to Blogs”.

However, shouldn’t a course with that title actually require the participants to create and maintain a blog? With discussions carried on through the comments section of each post? At the very least, shouldn’t the class be presented through a blog format instead of the Blackboard interface?

Sorry, guys. Just some curious nighttime ramblings. :-)

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  1. Chris Best

    That would make sense! At university one of my subjects involved a class blog which we all had toparticipate in to receive a portion on our mark.

  2. Doug Johnson

    One question that might be asked is “Is every person a blog writer – or need to be?”

    While I believe most people should be blog readers and responders, but am not sure about whether every person needs to maintain a blog.

    Still thinking on this…


  3. Rick Stegman

    Is this a situation of when the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem begins to look like a nail?

    Blogs are cool, but using an online course management system (Blackboard in this case) to manage an online course doesn’t strike me as being way off base!

    I guess I should also admit that I’m teaching one of the sections of this class. :)

    BTW – Course participants do create thier own blog sites beginning in week two of the couse.


  4. Tim

    Hey Rick,

    As I said, “nighttime ramblings”. :-)

    However, it does seem logical to me that a class on blogging would be delivered as a blog.

    I’ll look forward to the postings of the people in your class.

  5. Tim


    You make a good point. Do we want everyone writing blogs? It’s a question for debate.

    Would everyone want to write a blog? I seriously doubt it.

  6. Kathy

    That would surely make things interesting….from a purly personal point of view…would all types of blogs count?

    Class note: we have only just begun…but my guess is folks are learning more about BB in right now (not all)…I think it would make a lot of sense to teach this class in a blog format and I think it could work very nicely…and NO I an not interested in rewriting it next go around!

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