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Separation Anxiety

Last month my Ti Powerbook started giving me problems and I went through all the usual software solutions with no luck. After that, it was off to the Resq folks (not a typo) who, unfortunately, were not able to save it.

At least not at a price I was willing to spend on a more than four year-old laptop. So, the formerly trusty Powerbook is now being sliced up for spare parts and I’m waiting for my new MacBook Pro to arrive. Along with, it seems, a line of several thousand other people.

In the meantime, I am working without a laptop as my primary computer for the first time in almost ten years. It’s a very strange feeling. I’ve become very used to having a large chunk of my professional and personal life available anywhere I find myself.

So, for the next few weeks, I’ll just have to fumble around with assorted desktop computers, borrowing my wife’s iBook on occasion, and making do with the Dull Dell laptop issued by the office (which rarely leaves the desk).

Am I generating any sympathy yet? :-)

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  1. Dan

    I feel your pain! My G4 PowerBook monitor went out a few months back. I actually had to hook it up to a monitor and work at a desk for almost a month. It was quite distressing… Next time the Mac Book Pro will be in order…

    I wish you best in this difficult time.

  2. shari

    I can’t imagine being without my better half. Yes, even if it’s just a VAIO.

    Hope you get your new laptop soon.

  3. Mark Scardiglia

    Actually, since I had asked to buy your old Mac laptop when I found you were getting a new one, I’m personally a little relieved ;-)

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