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Remember a while back when W was all jazzed up to go to the moon and then to Mars? Not him personally, of course. That would require too much work on his part (might miss a vacation in the process).

Well, now that he’s gotten Congress to buy into the idea, he’s changing his mind.

President Bush has finally won endorsement of his “Vision for Space Exploration” from a once-skeptical Congress, but supporters now fear the administration is backing away from its own initiative to send humans back to the moon and then on to Mars.

The problem, of course, is money. There’s not enough of it to pay for occupying other countries and still pass out tax cuts to his friends.

Going to the moon in the 60’s was well worth the expense, not for the going part but for the tremendous advances in scientific knowledge that went with the trip. Forty years later, we’re not going to get the same return on investment and there are other areas of research in which we should be investing the money.

Anyway, I guess W will now have to find something cheaper to throw out there to convince people he has “vision”.

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  1. Ms. Cornelius

    I’d love to see us do this, but we gots no MONEY! And it was one of the few things W suggested that I liked…

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