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Sick of WiFi

The parents of students attending an elementary school in Illinois are suing the school system for installing a wireless network.

According to the complaint, the district, its board and its superintendent have implemented Wi-Fi wireless networking technology in classrooms, ignoring evidence that electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi networks poses health risks, particularly to growing children.

A few years back there was a lot in the news alleging the use of cellular phones causes brain cancer, although several studies produced inconclusive and conflicting results. WiFi is a different technology, however, (for one thing you don’t hold the devices up to your head) and I haven’t heard of any health issues associated with it. Other than having wireless points just about everywhere I go encourages me to spend waaaay too much time online. :-)


  1. news

    Its not the first to be upset with WIFI and likely not the last.

  2. Shivani

    Can anyone tell me where I can get more information about the school in IL that is being sued by parents because it put in wireless network? Is there a newspaper article? What school is it? Please contact me directly. Sarjuna@aol.com Thanks, Shivani

  3. Shivani

    Well, someone did contact me and I lost the e-mail. Please e-mail me again! I would like a newspaper account of this, or a contact to talk with. Very important, to prevent similar mess in our town. Thanks. Shivani

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