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Sign of the Times

While checking out at Ikea this weekend, the sign by the registers declared that plastic bags would now cost five cents each.

An asterisk next to the statement led to the footnote saying that the charge was intended to convince customers not to use them anymore (and the nickel would be donated to an ecology group).

The rest of the sign offered a nice, large reusable bag for 59 cents, which is option we took.

I wonder how long it will take for supermarkets to do something similar. Or will that ever happen?

Now, as to the time and effort required to assemble the damn furniture… :-)

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  1. Stephanie Sandifer

    I saw reusable bags for sale today at my local Krogers!

    Whole Foods has been offering reusable bags to customers for years — but they originated in Austin, Texas and have always had an organic/eco philosophy.

    It’s nice to see more “mainstream” retailers and supermarkets making the shift.

  2. Aron

    You know, Tim. Several stores have tried this feature in the past, but it has not proved profitable. When Gerri and I were first married, we shopped at a place called Food 4 Less. They tried charging for paper bags. The plan did not work because of the cut-throat nature of super markets.

    Ikea is a leader in “green” thinking. We saw so much of this in Toronto, from multiple energy saving lights, to no paper towels, to an amusement park that recycles 100% of everything, milk being sold in bags, to billboards telling people to think green.

    Oh, and by the way… Costco has no bags, nor additional boxes, unless you choose them. This has been a policy since Price Club days (back in the 80’s). I am not sure anyone actually notices, or maybe they just think it is part of a “warehouse” feel, but there it is…

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