It’s the end of a long first day of the conference but there is such a great energy around here that I hardly noticed that I’ve been running on little food and less sleep.

My Google Earth session went pretty well despite the fact that it ran during the time that most sane people would be eating dinner.

I think I also misjudged the time a little and I think a couple of people seemed a little confused as they left. But most had very positive comments and I guess that’s all I can expect.

Before I did my thing, I watched most of the keynote session with Hall Davidson from Discovery Learning. His talk was very entertaining, even if it was very similar to several other sessions I’ve seen him do.

Davidson’s primary theme was the various read/write web tools and devices that students use and about how we should be using them in the classroom.

However, I was a little depressed by something he did early in the presentation. After doing a quick review of the usual blogs/wikis/podcasts, Davidson asked for a show of hands from those in the group using these tools in their schools now.

The smattering of hands that rose from the crowd was not surprising. He then asked how many felt they would be using them in two years.

The number of hands raised changed very little.

That bothers me in many ways. But thinking more about what that means will have to wait for tomorrow. Time to get some sleep.

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