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Small Gifts From Big Visits

The pope has come and gone from Washington but his visit left behind a little gift for me.

Several times a month I have to travel up and down Massachusetts Avenue in DC past the building in which the pope stayed. It’s a road like many others in the district, heavily traveled, poorly maintained, and full of potholes and ruts.

Last night, however, I noticed that the street had been freshly paved, at least the part south of the residence along which the popemobile had traveled.

So, out of last week’s hoopla, I got a smoother ride and less damage to my suspension. For a mile or so anyway.

An interesting piece of trivia is that the vice-president lives across the street from the pope’s accommodations, so you might think that road would be better maintained.

But I guess he never rides on Mass Ave anyway.

He just has his flying monkeys carry him over it.

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  1. Dave


    I get excited when leftovers from the important-people meetings get left in the break room.

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