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Snow Days!

Yesterday we got the right amount of snow at the right time and the entire Washington area went into snow panic. And, of course, the schools were closed. Our offices were open, however, so I had to take the option of "liberal leave" to stay home. It’s worth it to have an unexpected relaxing day to get caught up on various things.

Washington is a strange area when it comes to snow. We occasionally get large snow falls but we generally don’t get enough for people to learn to cope with driving in it. The governments do a good job of cleaning up the main roads but a crappy job on the rest of the streets. And the television stations are almost comic in their “Snow Alert!” reporting, which always includes breathless updates on traffic conditions right outside their studios (we know a lot about conditions on Wisconsin Ave.).

But the snow stopped hours ago, and we only got a few inches anyway, so why did they close schools again today? I was expecting our traditional after snowfall two-hour late start. I’m sure the superintendents of the big systems will catch flack for making that decision (no matter what the decision is, someone objects) but I won’t complain. I have to go to work but the office should be quiet so I can continue the never ending process of getting caught up.

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  1. Abigail

    I am very close to D.C. and so had the exact same snow experience. I, too, was just expecting a 2 hour delay this morning. But, actually, they said the roads were worse this morning than they were all day yesterday. Hey, I’ll take it! Enjoy the second half of your weekend.

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