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Some Refreshing Honesty About Charter Schools

From Smart Money comes 10 Things Charter Schools Won’t Tell You.

1. We’re no better than public schools.

2. Our teachers aren’t certified.

3. Plus, they keep quitting.

4. Students with disabilities need not apply.

5. Separation of church and state? We found a loophole.

6. We don’t need to tell you where your tax dollars are going.

7. We’ll do anything to recruit more kids…

8. …but we’ll push them out if they don’t perform.

9. Success can be bought.

10. Even great teachers can only do so much.

Amazing honesty from a Rupert Murdoch publication.

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  1. Dave

    There are some important things hinted at on this list, but I think the goal here is sensationalism, not a constructive push forward. I could come up with a similar article about public schools…but I don’t have to, the exact same publication already did one:

    10 Things Your School District Won’t Tell You

    I guess they’re just in the business of attacking everyone, but I hope the discussion has already moved past that stage.

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