Evidently net neutrality has bumped onto the radar screens of many political candidates, pushed there by the many bloggers who have been drawing attention to the issue.

Bloggers and other Internet activists made their marks in the past two presidential elections chiefly by building networks of political enthusiasts and raising money for candidates. Now, they are pushing aggressively into policymaking — and not just over high-profile issues such as Iraq.

They are pressing candidates to back a handful of issues that are obscure to many Americans but vital to those who base their livelihoods on the Internet and track its development.

One of those is “net neutrality.” Hardly a household term, it has no overtly partisan or ideological dimensions. Yet it is shaping up as a Democratic issue this year, largely because its most fervid advocates are liberal bloggers and other Internet activists who play a big role in the early stages of choosing a Democratic presidential nominee.

However, as the reporter finally gets around to mentioning late in the piece, this is not a “liberal” issue.

Many conservative groups such as the Christian Coalition of America and the Gun Owners of America also support the concept of equal access to the internet pipes for everyone.

It’s not in the interest of anyone on either side of the political spectrum to have the big telecoms controlling the information that flows across “their” wires.

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