The Oklahoma Supreme Court has blocked a ballot measure that would have asked voters to decide on whether to impose a “65% solution” on public schools.

A slim majority of the Justices ruled that the gist, a summary of the measure that appears on the ballot, was “misleading and did not sufficiently inform the voter of the proposal”.

Actually, that pretty much describes this voodoo school reform concept in the first place.

The organization behind the proposal, the deceptively named First Class Education, claims that requiring school districts to spend 65 cents of every dollar in the classroom will result in significant improvements in learning.

Sounds pretty good.

However, their plan doesn’t include things like librarians and their books, counselors, field trips, and technology support, all of which have an impact on teaching and learning.

Oh, but they do allow for athletic coaches and equipment. We must keep our priorities straight.

In the end, this is just one more example of an attempt to set public policy using simplistic, inflexible, easily-explained-in-one-sentence concepts.

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