This is shaping up to be an odd week. Yesterday was a holiday, of course, which makes Tuesday morning feel even more like a Monday morning. But on top of that the overly large school system I work for declared that schools would start two hours late this morning due to cold weather. The low last night was 12° F.

Now, before any of you living in really cold areas write to tell me what weenies we are in the DC suburbs, let me say right up front – you’re right! This is an area where half an inch of snow at just the right time (around 5am) can shut down schools, cause massive traffic tie-ups, and put the local TV stations on 24-hour storm alert status. Snow is forecast for tomorrow night into Thursday and I’ll bet the grocery stores are already out of milk and toilet paper, our two favorite blizzard treats.

Capping off the strangeness of the week, we will be out of school again on Thursday due to the coronation inauguration. I have no idea why. We are in the suburbs of DC, close enough to enjoy the city (when it’s not full of tourists) but far enough away not to be affected by the idiocy of events like this. I really doubt a large number of our students will even go into town to see the affairs. It’s too cold to start school on time, remember?

But, just like snow days, I’m not going to complain about getting another day off. I just wish I had the money and leave days to take the rest of the week off to fly to an island somewhere.